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Customized towel! ! If you provide a photo, it will be drawn into a cute Q-version cartoon full of customer characteristics. You can also add different cartoon characters, patterns, sentences, etc., and you can also use photos to make it. With super freedom, customers can create unique ones. Meaningful and a great gift idea! Someone will contact you within 24 hours after receiving the order! ! Instant 15% off when you buy two pieces (different colors and different words can be used)

Order process

  • Press "Start Booking"
  • Choose the base color of the towel
  • Choose how many illustrators you need to design, the basic price wallet will turn 2 real people/pets into illustrators, if you want to add more illustrators, you need +$30/each
  • If you want to print, you can write down the text you want to print and describe how you want to print it
  • Choose payment method and pay
  • After payment, the designer will contact you to obtain more pictures of the characters. After the painting preview is completed, it will be sent to the customer for confirmation, and the customer can modify it once.
  • The production will start after the customer confirms

If real people/pets/cartoon dolls are turned into illustrations, 8 or more are required, and more than 2 towels need to be purchased.
Square scarf: 30cm x 30cm, up to 6 illustrations
If necessary, please contact WhatsApp directly

Illustration photo frame & customized greeting card+$80
6-inch wooden photo frame + illustration + customized greeting card

Customized towel

  • The texture is ultra-fine fiber (Microfiber), which has strong water absorption and is not easy to breed bacteria. The fiber is soft and durable.

    If you buy more than ten pieces, you can quote again~! It's a first-class gift in return

    If real people/pets/cartoon figures need 8 or more illustrations, you need to buy more than 2 towels.

    Square scarf: 30cm x 30cm, up to 6 illustrations

    If necessary, please contact WhatsApp directly

    It takes 10-14 working days (excluding holidays) to make, and it takes a certain amount of time to draw by hand, so please be more tolerant!

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