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The newly launched customized brand name❗️✨ is suitable for you who like to travel, hang it on the suitcase to distinguish at a glance, and there will be no confusion when claiming luggage, and it is also suitable for children to hang on school bags, especially kindergarten children, school bags are all schools It is issued uniformly, and can be distinguished by customized nameplates, so that you will no longer take your schoolbag by mistake. It is necessary for traveling and going to school, and it can also be used as a bag pendant.



♥ You can embroider your name for free

♥Choose color, font and pattern

Order process

  • Press "Start Booking"
  • Choose the color of your custom designer leather
  • Choose the color of the word
  • select font
  • select pattern
  • Fill in the name to be embroidered
  • The designer will contact you within 24 hours and start production after confirming the order

Customized brand

  • PU leather imported from South Korea, the material is very thick, you can enjoy the feeling of meat in your hand, and the finished product is full of high-end feeling

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