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Hello, welcome to Lalagift. Most of our products in the shop are custom-made. You can choose the most suitable product for yourself or your beloved one

Material Features
The plush carpet is very soft to step on,

The lock-fiber dense weaving technology is matched with the detailed and thick edging.

Make the fluff firm and not easy to lose hair,

The bottom TPR rubber sole design is non-slip and safer!



The longest 60cm $528 (60CM in the picture)

The longest 80cm $628
The longest 90cm $728

Order process

  • Choose the Size
  • Choose how many characters are reequired for the illustration. The basic price includes 2 people/pets. after that HKD$60
  • you can create the name and any customizable text in the pillowcase
  • Choose payment method and make payment
  • After payment, the designer will contact you within 24hour. After the drawing preview is completed.
  • It will start production when you confirm the design and the customer can modify it once.

Customized Plush Carpet

  • Process: selected flocking (not surface printing)


    Material: super soft absorbent fiber, bottom non-slip, strong water absorption


    Washing instructions: mainly slap and shake the dust or use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust. It is recommended to use water temperature below 30 degrees for washing. Machine washing should choose the gentle mode, and it is not suitable to expose to the sun.

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