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It is the first time to introduce customized front and rear shading files, sun protection and UV protection, you can decide the printing pattern, you can use photos or ask for illustrations!


Order process

  • Press "Start Booking"
  • Choose photo or illustration
  • Select the front or rear shading file or the front and rear shading file (requires the same)
  • Select the number of characters you need, the basic price wallet will turn 2  real people/pets into illustration characters, if you want to add illustration characters, you need +$60/each (the photo model and the number of photos, the basic price wallet is two Zhang Xiang, the third one starts at $60 per piece)
  • If you want to print, you can write down the text you want to print
  • Choose payment method and pay
  • After payment, the designer will contact you within 24 hours to obtain more pictures or photos of the characters. After completing the preview, it will be sent to the customer for confirmation, and the customer can modify it once.
  • The production will start after the customer confirms


Customized front shading file (photo version): $ 388

Customized rear shading file (photo version): $ 388

Customized front and rear shading files (photo version): $ 488


Customized front shading file (illustration model): $ 488

Customized rear shading file (illustration model): $ 488

Customized front and rear shading files (illustration model): $ 588


illustration photo frame&Electronic illustration+$80
7 inches 20.8cm X 20.8cm wooden photo frame + illustration+ HDElectronic illustration


    Customized head and tail shades

    • The texture of the customized bone shrinkage mask is black adhesive cloth, waterproof, sunscreen and anti-UB. It is an environmentally friendly fabric, green, healthy and pollution-free. It takes 10-14 working days (excluding holidays) to make, and it takes a certain amount of time to draw by hand, so please be more tolerant!

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