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【The gift that hides your voice】

Repeatable recording (up to 28 seconds) ❗

This item is not a real tape

The recording electronic components are glued in the middle hollow (battery has been installed)


usage count:

If you record once, you can normally listen to it more than 80 times

The more times you record, the less times you can listen to it. Because recording consumes a lot of electricity, you should record less times.

It is generally recommended to replace the button battery after recording for 3 times without power

As long as you don't press and hold, even if there is no power, the recording will not disappear


Tips for tape recording:
The electronic tape microphone is relatively sensitive. When recording, you don’t need to face the opening position, keep a certain distance from the electronic tape, and the sound should not be too loud. Just speak normally. Too loud will affect the recording and playback.

If the playback is not complete, please adjust the distance and make the sound smaller and try again.

To record, you need to press and hold the button for a long time, speak after hearing the beep, and then release it after speaking. The beep means the recording is complete. The continuous beeping sound means that the battery needs to be replaced or the battery contact piece is loose.


Order process

  • Press "Start Booking"
  • select style
  • choose the color
  • Choose how many illustrators you need to design, the basic price wallet will turn 2 real people/pets into illustrators, if you want to add more illustrators, you need +$30/each
  • text printed in low
  • Choose payment method and pay
  • After payment, the designer will contact you within 24 hours to obtain more pictures of the characters. After the painting preview is completed, it will be sent to the customer for confirmation, and the customer can modify it once.
  • The production will start after the customer confirms

Customized audio cassette sound card

  • This item is not a real audio cassette

    The recording electronic components are glued in the middle hollow (battery has been installed)


    Product specifications:

    Recording time: 0 seconds ~ 28 seconds

    Dimensions: length 9 x width 6 x thickness 0.5 cm

    with box

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