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Store Policy

Product Defects/Replacements:

儘管已盡一切努力確保質量和準確性,但偶爾也會出現錯誤。 請在收到後 15 天內報告損壞或有缺陷的物品以請求更換。 您可能會被要求向我們的客戶服務部門提供任何缺陷或印刷錯誤的照片,以便我們可以檢查損壞情況並儘快提供解決方案。

Although every effort is made to assure quality and accuracy, occasionally errors can occur. Please report damaged or defective items within 15 days of receipt to request a replacement. You may be asked to provide our customer service department with photos of any defects or misprints so that we may inspect the damage and offer a resolution as quickly as possible.

Return Policy



We don’t accept change of mind returns/refunds, due to customized products.

payment methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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